Händer på Barley’s

14:th of July





Burgers and more...


180g meat/american cheddar/mustard Mayo/ pickled onion/salad

119 kr

Bacon Burger

180g meat/caramelizec maple leaf syrup bacon/
pickled onion/cheddar/bacon mayo/salad

126 kr

Spicy Burger (Hot)

180g meat/3 kinds of pickled chili/
pepper jack cheese/salad/ sriracha mayo

119 kr

Pastrami Burger

180 g meat/pastrami/cheddar/pickled cucumber
dijon mayo/salad

126 kr

Triple Onion Burger

180g meat /pickled, caramelized and roasted onion/
cheddar/mozzarella/salad/truffle mayo
Contains Gluten
10 crown from this price goes to:

This is an organisation which gives hope and
a better future for kids in Gothenburg

134 kr

Chevré Burger

salad/pickled onion/mango dressing
Contains Gluten
no meat

116 kr


900g meat/bread/cheese/sallad/mayo
make your own selection of fries and dip
(ask for vegan)
May the force be with you!

430 kr

Portabello Burger

marinated and chopped portabello/mustard Mayo/
salad/pepper jack cheese/pickled onion
 ask for vegan

108 kr

Vegolicius Burger

(made of soya/gluten/red beet/kidney beans/mushroom)
sallad/pickled onion/mayo
ask for vegan

111 kr

Childrens Burger

90g meat /bread/comes with fries/
served well done

This one is for kids younger than 10 years old


48 kr

Tijuana Fries Vegan

fries/pulled vegme/lime/coriander

99 kr

Buffalo Wings

Choose 4 or 8 with BBQ glace

78/114 kr

Pork Ribs

pork ribs, french fries, coleslaw

162 kr


Crispy fries

39 kr

Sweet potato fries

49 kr

Melted Cheese Fries

52 kr

Chili Cheese

45 kr

Fried Padrones

45 kr

Roasted Cauliflower

with sriracha mayo (vegan friendly)

42 kr

Pickled cucumber

15 kr


Sriracha mayo

12 kr


12 kr

Truffle Mayo

14 kr


12 kr


12 kr

Cheddar Cheese

12 kr


Frozen Cheesecake

with dolce de leche

48 kr

Orio Ice Dream

Icecream with oreo. Served with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

48 kr


Two scopes with the sorbet of the day

38 kr


...with booze 126 kr
Raspberry Shake

58 kr

Chocolate & Coconut Shake

58 kr


Do you want your Shake Vegan?

All you have to do is ask !


Händer på Barley’s

14:th of July